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Rewriting the Geographic Atrophy Conversation with IZERVAY

On this week's episode, the Defocus Media team discusses rewriting the geographic atrophy conversation with IZERVAY. Join us in an engaging podcast episode...

How do We Look at Geographic Atrophy Differently Now with...

As optometrists, how do we look at geographic atrophy differently? Join us for an engaging and informative discussion with Dr. Jennifer Lyerly and Dr....

Breaking Through Geographic Atrophy (GA) with Patient Advocacy

What is geographic atrophy (GA)? How do you assess visual function loss in geographic atrophy (GA)? What lifestyle modifications can make for geographic atrophy (GA). Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that promises to enhance your knowledge and approach to geographic atrophy in eye care.

What is Geographic Atrophy? Making the Invisible, Visible 👀

On today's podcast, Dr. Chris Lievens sits with two retinal experts, Drs. Jessica Haynes and Steven Ferrucci. They discuss geographic atrophy, covering the disease state, diagnosing with the Heidelberg Engineering SPECTRALIS OCT, and the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.