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Eyewell: How to Create a Successful Dry Eye Center

Creating a Dry Eye Center requires specialized knowledge, advanced equipment, and a collaborative approach. With dry eye disease affecting millions, establishing a dedicated center can significantly enhance patient care and expand your practice. Here’s a streamlined guide to creating a successful Dry Eye Center.

Mastering Communication in Eye Care with your Staff

Gerard Johnson shares invaluable insights on mastering effective communication in your eye care practice, the pitfalls of micromanagement, and the impact of gossip in the workplace. He also delves into the critical importance of clearly defined roles and responsibilities and the devastating effects of miscommunication in healthcare practice.

4 Generations of Optical Success with Daniel Brunson

Daniel Brunson shares the intricate art of optical brand building over decades, the strategic introduction of indie eyewear, and the transformative power of unique retail experiences.

3 Tips to Build a Thriving Medical Optometry Practice with Dr....

Dr. Kyle Klute shares takes a holistic approach to developing a thriving medical optometry practice that encompasses ocular disease management, appropriate billing and coding, and the integration of vision and medical insurance.

Team Oakley: JR Smith Talks Golf, Family, and Partnership with Oakley

JR Smith, the newest member of Team Oakley, shares family, golf, and partnership with Oakley. This former professional basketball player, who re-enrolled in college at 36 to pursue his passions for golf and education, exemplifies the power of ambition and resilience.

Nuance Audio Smart Glasses: Dynamic Hearing Aid Smart Glasses

Nuance Audio will change how people hear and see the world. Nuance Audio redefines the boundaries between sight and sound, offering a lifeline to those entangled in the silent struggle of mild to moderate hearing loss.

Kids Bright Eyes: The Solution to Kids Eyewear and Swim Goggles

Kids Bright Eyes has revolutionized vision correction, making it fun and functional. Explore the durable, flexible, and stylish eyewear that has transformed how kids see the world, from glittery frames to prescription swim goggles that bring clarity to underwater

Dr. Glover Takes over EssilorLuxottica’s Booth at Vision Expo East

This episode takes you inside the busy Vision Expo in New York, providing an exclusive look at EssilorLuxottica's booth - a wonderland of innovation...

Transitions® GEN S™: Better Vision, Eye Protection, and Maximum Comfort

Transitions® GEN S™: A groundbreaking leap in optical innovation that goes beyond traditional eyewear. In a dynamic conversation filled with excitement and expertise, Dr. Darryl Glover, along with Transitions® GEN S™ experts.

Dr. Angelica Cifuentes: A Tiny Optometrist That Makes a Huge Impact

In this riveting episode, join us as we embark on a journey with Dr. Angelica Cifuentes, affectionately known as the "Tiny Optometrist," whose remarkable story of resilience, determination, and triumph promises to captivate and inspire.