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Top Optometry News: XDEMVY, MIEBO, IZERVAY, Ray-Ban Meta, Teleoptometry and More

Drs. Jennifer Lyerly, Jaclyn Garlich, and Darryl Glover share their experiences and insights from clinic life to the latest optometry news. They explore topics ranging from the 'Don't Say Doctor' Bill's impact on optometry to the groundbreaking treatments for geographic atrophy, the impact of MIEBO, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, XDEMVY, and more optometry news.

Top 10 Optometry Podcasts for Eye Care in 2023

Top 10 Optometry Podcasts for Eye Care in 2023. Defocus Media Optometry Podcast network host the best optometry podcasts for eye care professionals.

Rewriting the Geographic Atrophy Conversation with IZERVAY

On this week's episode, the Defocus Media team discusses rewriting the geographic atrophy conversation with IZERVAY. Join us in an engaging podcast episode...

How do We Look at Geographic Atrophy Differently Now with...

As optometrists, how do we look at geographic atrophy differently? Join us for an engaging and informative discussion with Dr. Jennifer Lyerly and Dr....

Breaking Through Geographic Atrophy (GA) with Patient Advocacy

What is geographic atrophy (GA)? How do you assess visual function loss in geographic atrophy (GA)? What lifestyle modifications can make for geographic atrophy (GA). Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that promises to enhance your knowledge and approach to geographic atrophy in eye care.

How to Detect, Diagnose, and Deliver for Your Geographic Atrophy Patients

With decades of experience and expertise, Dr. Dunbar, from the prestigious Baskin Palmer Eye Institute, shares his insights. Dr. Lyerly guides the discussion, exploring prevalence, detection challenges, early intervention, and the pivotal role of advanced imaging. Discover the evolving role of optometrists in managing geographic atrophy as we uncover the complexities of this condition.

Optometry Podcast: Glambaby Takeover with Dr. Arian Fartash

Imagine one solution to cater to all your kiddos. Dr. Arian Fartash has created Glambaby and has provided that solution. Dr. Jennifer Lyerly discusses...

Optometry Podcast: 2022 Optometry News Recap with Drs. Jaclyn Garlich, Jennifer...

Let's PODCAST PARTY! The dynamic trio, Jaclyn Garlich, Jennifer Lyerly, and Darryl Glover, recap 2022 and share their vision for 2023.

Optometry Podcast: Top 10 Eye Care Podcasts in 2022

Top Optometry podcasts by for all eye care professionals. The Defocus Media Optometry Podcast Network features new leaders and innovators in the eye care world each week, inspiring young doctors to think outside the confines of traditional optometry, explore new products and learn about new niche practice opportunities.