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The Nerdy Optometrist: Exploring Optometry with Ukti Vora

We'll explore Ukti Vora's journey from India to the US and her career in optometry. We'll also discuss the impact of her podcast, "The Nerdy Optometrist," on the global eye care community.

Specsavers announces expansion into Manitoba in 2024 following its successful launch...

Specsavers, an eyecare and eyewear provider driven by its mission of ensuring more accessible eyecare for all, today announced its plan to expand into...

Eye Nutrition 101: Unveiling Essential Nutrients for Optimal Vision

Explore the transformative power of nutrition in promoting eye health in this riveting podcast with Dr. Darryl and Dr. Rudrani. Unpack the role of diet in combating common and severe eye conditions, and uncover practical tips for nurturing ocular wellness through balanced nutrition.

Community members in Orlando received free eye exams and glasses at...

Orlando, FL – June 6, 2023 – The palm trees rustling, faces of neighbors and words on street signs were seen with clarity, some...

What is the Future of Eye Care? Good or Bad?

What is the future of optometry? What is the future of ophthalmology? What is the future of eye care? The future of eye care is likely to be shaped by several factors, including advancements in technology, changes in healthcare systems, evolving patient needs, and healthcare on demand. In this episode, Dr. Richard Edlow shares some potential trends and developments that could shape the future of eye care.

New Vera Bradley Frames: Vibrant Patterns By The McGee Group

Bursting with color and style, The McGee Group unveils Vera Bradley's new eyewear collection. Seven innovative frames, from the sleek 'Aylin' to the ultra-light 'Sophie', bring iconic patterns to life. A vibrant fusion of tradition and technology from a trusted name in American eyewear.

Transitions Optical Announces 2022 Innovation Award Finalists 

Transitions Optical announces finalists for its annual Innovation Awards, recognizing outstanding commitment to innovation in the eye care industry over the past year.

Bringing Eyecare Reality into Practice | Optometry Podcast

Are you interested in a cold start practice, purchasing a private practice, or modernizing an optometric practice? Erich Mattei, President & Chief Vision Officer...