Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate: White Coats and Professionalism

What do you wear to see patients? Scrubs? Business Casual? White Coat? Whatever you want? We have pretty much worn them all. A recent study has come out looking into how doctors dress and their patient’s perception of their professionalism. With little surprise (and much disappointment), women are viewed as less professional than men no matter what they wear. So we ask the question “What does professionalism even mean anyways??” Come chat and grow with us as we figure out how to challenge our beliefs. Want to read more? Check out the article, Public Perceptions of Physician Attire and Professionalism in the US.

RK Lunch Date
RK Lunch Date
Rachel and Kate are two real-life friends talking about equality issues viewed through the lens of optometry. Tune in for their take-aways and action items. See you at lunch!

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