ODs On Facebook: Private Equity in Eyecare

On this episode of the ODs on Facebook Podcast we explore the topic of private equity in eyecare. Many of us are familiar with names like National Vision, America’s Best and MyEyeDr, but we are less familiar with names like Berkshire Partners, KKR and KEPLR. We will be demistifying the topic of private equity on this episode and helping listeners build a foundational knowledge of the private equity field in the process.

Our guest for this episode

Anne Kavanagh, Managing Member at Kavanagh Consulting, LLC

Joining us on this episode is Anne Kavanagh, a managing member at Kavanaugh Consulting, LLC which is an independent consulting and advisory company based in New York City. She specializes in M&A advice, business development and strategic planning for healthcare and optical companies. Anne attended the Boston College School of Management where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing, graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors.

Questions Answered on this Episode

  1. What is private equity?
  1. What’s the history of private equity in eyecare?
  1. Who are the biggest players in the private equity space as it pertains to eyecare?
  1. Why the sudden uptick of private equity activity in eyecare?
  1. What is the goal of private equity companies?
  1. What does the presence and growth of private equity mean for the future of optometry? 
  1. How have the recent developments around COVID19 impacted the private equity industry?


Anne Kavanagh would like to disclose a financial interest in Kavanaugh Consulting, LLC which is a company that provides consulting and advisory services to eyecare providers.

Anne’s contact information:

Email: consultkav@gmail.com

Phone: 917-902-4510

Music from https://www.zapsplat.com

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