Optometry Podcast: Carissa Dunphy Talks Optician Now

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Carissa Dunphy, Optician & Founder of Optician Now

Optometrists and opticians: perhaps there’s no greater partnership in patient care! As optometrist, we depend on opticians to help educate our patients about the best optical technology to help them see with the same clarity as they did behind the phoropter.  Opticians depend on the prescribing doctor to be expert sleuths detecting medical conditions that could limit the patient’s visual quality and dedicated listeners to write prescriptions that solve each unique patient’s visual needs.

In this podcast, we sat down with certified optician Carissa Dunphy, the talented expert behind Optician Now. She shares the training it takes to earn national and state certification as an optician, as well as her personal inspiration behind starting her optician-focused educational blog and social media. When she’s not assisting patients in optical or writing for her website, Dunphy also serves as a thought leader for Vision Monday’s Millennial Project and Invision Magazine’s Brain Squad.

*National certification and state licenses are different and vary by state. Check with your state licensing board to verify current requirements, limitations, and exemptions. 


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