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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Does your office have gaps in communication? Does your team have the right knowledge? Does your team work together? Join Defocus Media and a team of myopia experts as they dive into the importance of teamwork. Learn how to communicate the importance of myopia control effectively in your office.

Optometry Podcast: Talking to Parents About Myopia Management

Dr. Tsang, Dr. Kwan, and Dr. Lyerly all share that a great approach is to talk to parents about the young patients in the practice that have been successful wearing contact lenses. CooperVision has also created great video content on the MiSight® YouTube channel  featuring real patients sharing their contact lens insertion and removal tips. These videos are a useful tool to share with parents so they can see kids as young as 8 are very capable of wearing lenses successfully! And kids seeing other kids that are successful with contact lenses goes a long way.

Optometry Podcast: Dr. Inna Lazar on Raising Public Awareness And Building...

We’re in the middle of a public health crisis, even as COVID-19 numbers improve and life begins to return to normal for millions of...

Contacts that slow myopia progression.

Three year results on a study comparing myopia progression in 8-12 year olds was presented last week in England. Results showed patients fit in MiSight, a CooperVision dual-focus daily soft contact...