The 20/20 Podcast: Utilizing AI To Diagnose Retinal Disease with Dr. Hadi Chakor And Yves-e Couture

On this week’s 2020 Podcast, we delve into the revolutionary role of artificial intelligence in expanding the scope of optometrists beyond diagnosing diabetic retinopathy alone. Our guests, Dr. Hadi Chakor and Yves-Stéphane Couture, the innovative forces at DIAGNOS, unfold their transformative alliance with IRIS—a network of optometry practices across Canada. They reveal how their joint venture leverages a comprehensive database of patient images to revolutionize retinal health care practices in Canada. By May 2023, their collaborative efforts led to the screening of over 13,000 patients, culminating in the creation of an algorithm adept at identifying not only diabetic retinopathy but also hypertensive retinopathy and macular degeneration. Dr. Chakor and Yves further explore the ethical dimensions surrounding patient consent and the significant impact of AI in the early detection of retinal diseases and alterations in microcirculation. Throughout our discussion, they underscore the notion that AI’s role is not to supplant human professionals but to augment our capabilities. They advocate that optometrists, equipped with AI technology, are positioned to offer unmatched precision, empathy, and enhanced care to their patients. Tune in to discover the limitless possibilities AI introduces to healthcare innovation.

Dr. Harbir Sian is an award-winning Optometrist whose passion lies in education and his profession. Since then, Dr. Sian has written many blogs; started multiple video series including For Your Eyes Only with and Chiasma; launched The 20/20 Podcast; traveled to South America and the Middle East to perform eye exams in underdeveloped areas; and been awarded Young Optometrist of the Year by the BC Doctors of Optometry.

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