The 20/20 Podcast: How To Discuss CLEAN BEAUTY With Your Patients – Dr. Claudine Courey

Dr. Claudine Courey rejoins the podcast to explore the concept of CLEAN BEAUTY.The episode delves into aesthetic procedures and cosmetic usage in the eye area, emphasizing the growing concern over the potential risks associated with popular treatments like eyelash extensions. Given the trend towards using products that could be detrimental, it’s essential for Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) to feel equipped to talk about how these practices affect ocular health.

Dr. Courey outlines effective strategies for initiating these conversations and discusses the significance of such discussions for both the wellbeing of the patient and the advancement of the eye care field.

Dr. Harbir Sian is an award-winning Optometrist whose passion lies in education and his profession. Since then, Dr. Sian has written many blogs; started multiple video series including For Your Eyes Only with and Chiasma; launched The 20/20 Podcast; traveled to South America and the Middle East to perform eye exams in underdeveloped areas; and been awarded Young Optometrist of the Year by the BC Doctors of Optometry.

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