The 2020 Podcast : President And Vice President Of Canadian Optometrists With Dr. Harry Bohnsack And Dr. Martin Spiro

Welcome to another episode of the 2020 podcast ,featuring an exclusive interview from the 38th Congress of The Canadian Association of Optometrists, held in Quebec City. Our host, Harbir Sian, had the honor of engaging in a thought-provoking dialogue with Dr. Harry Bohnsack, the esteemed outgoing President, and Dr. Martin Spiro, the distinguished incoming President of the CAO. This episode offers a unique glimpse into the dynamic initiatives spearheaded by the CAO to foster the advancement of optometry throughout Canada. Drs. Bohnsack and Spiro eloquently share their personal journeys and their ascent within the CAO, highlighting their ground-level experiences and their commitment to the betterment of the association. We invite you to tune in and immerse yourself in this enlightening conversation, gaining valuable insights into the pivotal role the CAO plays in uniting and elevating the optometry profession across the nation.

Drs. Glover & Lyerly
Drs. Glover & Lyerly
Defocus Media is run by two successful Millennial optometrists and social media entrepreneurs, Dr. Jennifer Lyerly and Dr. Darryl Glover. They have proven track records of successfully engaging online readers and followers. They reside and practice in North Carolina.

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