The Depth Perception Podcast: Battle of the Sexes

This week on The Depth Perception Podcast, we are covering the intricate dynamics of gender in the field of optometry, examining how men and women navigate their careers, education, and patient interactions differently. Despite the potentially controversial title, our discussion is rooted in a genuine curiosity and respect for all perspectives, aiming to unravel the subtleties of gender dynamics within this profession. With a mix of humor, personal experiences, and thoughtful analysis, we explore topics such as the gender ratio in optometry schools, biases in academic and clinical settings, and the unique challenges faced by male and female optometrists. Join us as we delve into these discussions, offering insights and reflections on how gender influences the optometry profession.

Nadia Afkhami
Nadia Afkhami
Current optometry student with an eye for fashion, health, kindness, and making it through this journey to becoming an optometrist.

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