The Depth Perception Podcast: To Be (Work Friends) or Not to Be…

In this week’s engaging episode of the Depth Perception Podcast, they delve into the vital yet often overlooked art of managing professional relationships. Join as they explore the dynamics of maintaining clear boundaries with staff, the delicate balance of nurturing friendships in educational and clinical settings, and the intricacies of handling challenging interactions in the office. This insightful discussion is packed with practical advice and key takeaways, including the importance of open communication and the power of appreciation in transforming workplace relationships. Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or simply interested in enhancing your interpersonal skills, this episode offers valuable perspectives to help you navigate the complex world of professional interactions.

Nadia Afkhami
Nadia Afkhami
Current optometry student with an eye for fashion, health, kindness, and making it through this journey to becoming an optometrist.

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