Corporate Optometry Nation: Building Patient Trust Through Education

Dr. Keith Graham

Corporate optometry Nation talks to Dr. Graham Keith on how to build patient trust through education. This podcast will help you communicate better with your patients and create trust. Patient education will help your patients understand the diagnosis and the treatment for their condition. Learn how to educate your patients during routine eye exams and making the experience that they will remember.

Dr. Elias “Graham” Keith graduated with honors from the Indiana University School of Optometry in 2013. He received multiple awards during his studies for both teaching and academics. Currently residing in Minneapolis with his wife and toddler, Dr. Keith works for Hadden Eyecare Associates which has 9 medically focused corporate locations. Owner, Dr. Scott Hadden was just chosen as Walmart affiliated Optometrist of the COUNTRY, out of 4,200+ candidates. Dr. Keith hopes to gain the title next year for his groundbreaking work.

Maria Sampalis
Maria Sampalis
Dr Sampalis graduated from New England College of Optometry in 2007 She is the founder and admin of Corporate Optometry on Facebook. She has founded and Dr Sampalis enjoys chatting with member of the eye care community. Feel free to pm her or email her at

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