Dr. Caitlin Reghetti Shares 3 Tips to Increase Business and Patient Retention in Healthcare

How do you communicate with your patients? It’s alarming that approximately 33% of Americans leave their doctor’s appointments confused in the current healthcare landscape. This highlights the importance of clear communication between healthcare professionals and their patients. In our latest podcast, Dr. Darryl Glover addresses this pressing issue with Dr. Caitlin Reghetti, an optometrist from Northeast Ohio. Dr. Caitlin Reghetti has a unique background, as she is an optometrist and a food blogger who has ventured into digital marketing and design. Together, they explore innovative strategies to simplify medical jargon, personalize patient care, and leverage digital tools to enhance patient education.

This episode covers various topics, from explaining the basics of nearsightedness to customizing educational materials to resonate better with patients. The discussion is filled with insights for medical professionals who aim to bridge the gap in patient communication and foster a deeper connection with their patients. Join us as we explore the intersection of medicine and digital creativity, uncovering the keys to improving patient understanding and engagement in today’s fast-paced, information-rich world.

Dr. Caitlin Reghetti Shares How to Increase Business and Patient Retention in Healthcare
Dr. Caitlin Reghetti, Optometrist and founder of Dr. Reghetti Designs

Who is Dr. Caitlin Reghetti?

Dr. Darryl Glover:

Did you know that 33% of Americans leave their doctor’s appointments without understanding what was discussed? A significant issue raises the question: How are medical professionals addressing this in their practices? What kinds of discussions occur among team members to improve patient comprehension? In today’s podcast, we’ll explore strategies for choosing words carefully, ensuring effective communication, and fostering personal connections, but most importantly, how to truly connect with patients.

Before we dive deeper, I’m always curious to learn more about my guests. So, could you share a bit about yourself, perhaps where you’re from, a fun fact, and then we can dive into your journey?

Dr. Caitlin Reghetti:

Absolutely. I hail from Northeast Ohio. An interesting tidbit about me, which we might touch on later, is that I’m also a food blogger. I launched my food blog, Cuts and Crumbles, in 2016 as a creative project to fuel my passion for learning. It’s been an incredible journey into digital marketing, design, SEO, and the joy of cooking.

Strategies for Effective Communication for Patient Retention Eyecare

Dr. Caitlin Reghetti:

Indeed, it’s clear to many doctors that simplifying medical jargon is necessary. However, we often need reminders that what seems simple may not be to the general public. In my practice, we focus a lot on myopia management, discussing terms like “myopia” and “myopia control” with patients. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that not everyone understands these terms. So, we try to break concepts down further, starting with basics like explaining what “nearsightedness” means.

Through experience, I’ve learned not to assume understanding based solely on a patient’s nod. I prefer to start from the beginning, explaining the fundamentals of conditions like nearsightedness, why it’s essential to manage them, and what normal eye health looks like. For instance, many of my patients had never been shown their OptoMap images, even though they had taken them. Educating patients about what normal findings look like sets a foundation. This way, if any abnormalities arise later, we’re not starting from scratch. They already understand what to look for, making discussions about abnormal findings significantly more straightforward because they’re familiar with what’s considered normal.

Personalizing the Patient Experience in Eyecare

Dr. Darryl Glover:

I fully agree with that philosophy. It emphasizes the importance of personalizing the patient experience. When a patient sits in your exam room, making that connection feel more intimate is crucial for effective communication. Could you share some strategies for achieving this level of personalization and ensuring the patient fully grasps the information?

Dr. Caitlin Reghetti:

Indeed, my main concern in optometry patient education is the overreliance on generic, mass-produced materials. It’s all too common to sit in an exam room surrounded by materials featuring numerous logos, none representing the actual practice. This generic approach, often adopted because these materials are readily available at no cost, can inadvertently distance patients from viewing us as their primary source of information.

For instance, providing a patient with a brochure on dry eye syndrome from a pharmaceutical company might lead them to believe that all the information they need comes from that company, not their doctor. This could prompt them to seek further information online or from other external sources, bypassing their eye care provider entirely.

In my view, personalization is critical. Customizing educational materials to include the practice’s branding, the names of our doctors, and direct links to our website can significantly enhance the patient-doctor connection. Including a QR code for easy access to our site and a treatment plan specifically designed by the attending physician reinforces the message delivered during the exam. This approach strengthens the relationship and positions the practice as the primary source of information and care, making the patient experience genuinely personal and far more engaging.

Leveraging Digital Tools for Patient Retention and Education in Eyecare

Dr. Darryl Glover:

That’s incredibly valuable, especially in today’s fast-paced world where personalization and efficiency are key. You’ve mentioned a wide array of services that you offer. Could you give us a brief overview of all the services available and how someone interested could collaborate with you?

Dr. Caitlin Reghetti:

Absolutely. My website, DrReghettidesigns.com, is the gateway to all my services. It’s a play on the word “spaghetti” but with an “R E” at the beginning. You’ll find a comprehensive array of offerings on my site, including my online shop and links to various custom designs I’ve completed. For those interested in personalized work, I’m available for custom projects, which can range from one to eight hours, depending on the complexity of the task.

How to Increase Business and Patient Retention in Healthcare with Dr. Caitlin Reghetti

The highlight of my website is the assortment of templates I offer, covering everything from dry eye and diabetic retinopathy to myopia management and patient intake forms. These templates are designed to be easily customizable; clients can upload their logo and practice information, which I then incorporate into the selected template, ensuring it aligns with the practice’s branding and color scheme.

Once the customization is complete, I send a draft for approval. I’m open to making any necessary adjustments, whether it’s changing treatments or tweaking the design, to ensure it perfectly meets the practice’s needs. Beyond minor edits, I can engage in more extensive custom work if required.

The process is streamlined and efficient, with the final product being professionally printed and delivered directly to the client’s office or home. This service enhances the patient experience and reinforces the practice’s brand identity in a tangible, impactful way.

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