Mastering Interviews: Expert Tips for Success

This captivating episode of the 4-Eyed Professor Podcast delves into the critical and often challenging world of Mastering Interviewing. Joining us are two experts in the field, Ms. Emily Ramos and Mr. Bob Raymond, who bring a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds. Emily, currently enhancing employee experience at a global technology company, brings her insights from a career in HR and talent acquisition. Bob, with a rich history in the home services industry, ranging from sales to VP roles, offers a unique perspective from his extensive interviewing experience across various levels.

Together, they explore the evolution of interviewing techniques, especially in the post-COVID era, where virtual interviews have become the norm. The episode takes an engaging turn with a role-playing segment, where Emily and Bob demonstrate common interview scenarios, dissecting each interaction to provide listeners with valuable tips on what to do—and what not to do—in interviews. Whether you’re a job seeker looking to ace your next interview or a hiring professional aiming to refine your interviewing skills, this episode is packed with practical advice, insightful discussions, and a touch of humor to guide you through the intricate art of interviewing.

Christopher Lievens
Christopher Lievens
Chris Lievens is the Chief of Internal Clinics and Professor at Southern College of Optometry. Dr. Lievens has been employed in private practice, an ophthalmology referral center and he served in the United States Air Force. Dr. Lievens was the Chief of Aerospace Optometry at the Pentagon before joining SCO. Dr. Lievens is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and is a Region Chair of the Academy’s Admittance Committee. He is a distinguished fellow in the National Academies of Practice. Dr. Lievens is the co-creator of the fundus grading card and currently conducts research in glaucoma, dry eye, uveitis and contact lens care. Dr. Lievens has a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Cambridge. Dr. Lievens is a member of the American Optometric Association, the British Contact Lens Association and the Association for Vision and Research in Ophthalmology.

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