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Red and Green Indicators: A New Perspective on Glaucoma

The central theme of the discussion is the potential confusion caused by red and green indicators on scans, which are commonly misunderstood. These indicators suggest abnormality (red) and normalcy (green), but this is not always true. The traditional interpretation of these colors can lead to misdiagnoses if not carefully considered in the broader clinical context. This article aims to highlight the importance of examining scans purposefully to avoid misinterpretations and ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Bringing OCT Imaging to Life

Learn about the evolution of OCT from time domain to spectral domain and swept source technologies, highlighting the significant improvements in imaging quality and diagnostic capabilities.

Mastering Interviews: Expert Tips for Success

This captivating episode of the 4-Eyed Professor Podcast delves into the critical and often challenging world of Mastering Interviewing. Joining us are two experts...

Myopia Control with Dr. Dwight Barnes


What is Geographic Atrophy? Making the Invisible, Visible 👀

On today's podcast, Dr. Chris Lievens sits with two retinal experts, Drs. Jessica Haynes and Steven Ferrucci. They discuss geographic atrophy, covering the disease state, diagnosing with the Heidelberg Engineering SPECTRALIS OCT, and the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.

Understanding the SPECTRALIS OCT: Dispelling The Myths with Dr. Chris Lievens

In this episode, we will unpack and dispel common misconceptions about the SPECTRALIS® OCT device, revealing its multifaceted capabilities and applications in the field...

The 4 Eyed Professor: Dr. Chris Lievens Discusses Customizing Vision with...

My vision is cloudy, and I cannot see well. Why is everything so hazy? Most eye care professionals hear this complaint several times a...

The 4 Eyed Professor: The Life of an Optometry Student