May 2023, Milan, IT – Decade after decade, Ray-Ban dares to examine the unexplored. Led by this insatiable curiosity, Ray-Ban turns eyewear on its axis with the release of the Reverse collection: four unisex sunglass styles featuring an impossible new lens, completely reversed featuring famed supermodel, Vittoria Ceretti as the face of the campaign.

“Our Ray-Ban Reverse collection is a true revolution in the eyewear industry. The concave aesthetic is enabled by a new proprietary technology which applies big data analysis into the lens design. We always raise the bar by reinventing what eye care and eyewear can do for consumers,” Federico Buffa, R&D Product Style Licensing Director, EssilorLuxottica.

“The disruptive design of Ray-Ban Reverse will speak to consumers everywhere, helping them stand out from the crowd by expressing themselves through their visual identity,” said Sherianne James, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Wholesale Marketing at EssilorLuxottica North America. “The collection will bring consumers into eyecare practices seeking the very latest from the most recognized brand in eyewear.”

An exceptional feat of advanced engineering, the shape of the lens shifts from traditional convex to concave without sacrificing on optical precision, thanks to the innovative astigmaticprismatic and resolving powers.

“Think of the opportunity with contact lens patients, for whom a pair of quality plano sunglasses is essential,” said James. “This pioneering collection with standout style and precise optics can help eyecare practices keep those patients engaged in their optical, rather than making sunwear purchases elsewhere.”

Finished with a high-performance anti-glare treatment, the pantoscopic lens is primed to reduce up to 70% of the reflections at wavelengths to which the eye is most sensitive. Four iconic silhouettes serve as the springboard, inverting the meaning of classic design with its entry into the avant-garde.

Developed with an ergonomic universal frame, the Ray-Ban Reverse AviatorWayfarerCaravan and Boyfriend gently trace the curves of the cheekbone to fit and compliment every face shape. Crafted with consideration for our planet, the collection utilizes a palette of alternative materials, including bio-basednylon1 lenses with a 41% bio-based carbon content, bio-basedacetateframeswitha67%bio- based carbon content and 100% recycled packaging, card and cleansing cloth.

As the most beloved eyewear brand we continue to leverage the power of our iconicity while bringing innovation and technology to our most classic styles,” says Chief Marketing Officer, EssilorLuxottica, Francesco Liut.

The Ray-Ban Reverse Collection is now available for purchase at My.EssilorLuxottica.com.


Originally designed for U.S. pilots in 1937, the immortal aviator shape now stands as one of the most iconic sunglass models in the world with its classic straight top bar. Favoured for its fusion of quality, performance, comfort and eternal style, the wire model returns with a pioneering reverse lens, complementing the curves of the profile with a gentle concave. Available in gold or silver with classic lenses, the Reverse Aviator also arrives in a range of unexpected combinations, accenting the anthracite, rose gold or black metal frames with either gradient or tinted mirror lenses.

1 * Available only for classic sun lenses


An accomplice to countless cultural movements, from the ‘60s rock revolution to ‘90s hip-hop culture, the original Wayfarer is the ultimate expression of youth rebellion. The unmistakable silhouette returns with renewed edge, the reverse lens lending subtle subversion to its iconic square shape. Available in solid black with classic lenses or a range of transparent colorways, the playful palette spans graphite, dark blue and brown with lenses in complimentary hues, through to unexpected combinations of red and green or orange and blue, complete with colored mirror lenses.


On the scene since 1957, the Caravan was originally introduced as an evolution of the classic aviator, sporting a streamlined geometric silhouette. Now accented with the gentle curve of the new reverse lens, the shape reaches into the future, eternal and otherworldly. Available in gold or silver with classic lenses, the Reverse Caravan also offers fresh combinations, complimenting silver, rose gold, anthracite or black frames with gradient, tinted or mirror lenses.


Exuding off-duty style, the Boyfriend takes a relaxed oversized silhouette, balancing a softly curved rectangular frame with a sleek flat top. Now reimagined with striking new concave lenses, the Reverse Boyfriend takes on a disruptive edge, available in classic black or a range of transparent colorways. Keep it clean with a wash of deep blue, brown or dark gray, or go bold with bi-color brown and blue, finished with a selection of tinted, mirror or gradient lenses.

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