The 2020 Podcast: Avulux with Dr. Charles Posternack

Dr. Charles Posternack, President & Co-Founder at Avulux

In this episode, Dr. Harbir Sian and Dr. Charles Posternack, co-founder and president of Avulux, discuss the ground-breaking precision optical filter that has been providing relief to thousands of migraine sufferers worldwide. Dr. Charles Posternack shares how it is imperative to address migraine more seriously and reach out to the world for the best cure it may have yet. Tune in now!

Dr. Harbir Sian is an award-winning Optometrist whose passion lies in education and his profession. Since then, Dr. Sian has written many blogs; started multiple video series including For Your Eyes Only with and Chiasma; launched The 20/20 Podcast; traveled to South America and the Middle East to perform eye exams in underdeveloped areas; and been awarded Young Optometrist of the Year by the BC Doctors of Optometry.

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