What your patient might ask you…

Can you predict how myopic my child will become?

A new study says it can.

The details:
The study used health record refraction data for almost 130,000 Chinese children from the years 2005-2015. “The variables of age, spherical equivalent (SE), and annual progression rate were used to develop an algorithm to predict SE and onset of high myopia (SE ≤ −6.0 dioptres) up to 10 years in the future.”

Did it work?
It did. Their algorithm was able to predict the presence of high myopia with clinically acceptable accuracy.

I know some myopic kids, can I get ahold of that algorithm? 
Not yet. The authors state that because this data was collected in real-world settings, they are often subject to bias and can compromise quality. However, designing a clinical trial around this algorithm could prove repeatable predictive results.

This study comes just as Johnson and Johnson announce a 26 million dollar collaboration to prevent and treat myopia. And last thing on myopia, updated research on the NaturalVue 1 Day Multifocal contact to slow myopia is promising.

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