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Have you heard of the Transitions Innovation Awards? The Transitions Innovation Awards program recognizes and celebrates partners and individual optical industry professionals from Canada and the United States who have shown the highest commitment to innovating their businesses. Today, we bring you three extraordinary guests: Rose Harris, a marketing expert who helped build the brand Transitions from scratch; Dr. Jennifer Chinn, a second-generation optometrist with a passion for Transitions lenses; and Camelia Hammiche, a seasoned optician and district manager for New Look Eyewear. Together, they share their journeys with Transitions, award-winning experiences, and insights into the eye care industry. Tune in for an enlightening conversation!

In Partnership with Transitions Optical

Background and Roles within the Optical Industry

Dr. Darryl Glover:
Could you share a bit about your background and your role within the organization?

Rose Harris:
Interestingly, I never planned on entering the optical industry; it happened somewhat by accident. But once I joined, I found myself fascinated by it. Previously, I had worked in marketing for the Home Shopping Network when I heard about a new startup called Transitions that was in need of marketing professionals.

I have been with Transitions from the start, witnessing the company’s evolution from a fledgling startup to the established brand it is today. I’ve also seen eight different iterations of technology advancements and new product launches. It has been a fascinating journey.

Dr. Darryl Glover:
Next, let’s welcome my colleague and friend, Dr. Jennifer Chinn. Hi, Dr. Jenn; how are you?

Dr. Jennifer Chinn:
I’m thrilled to be here. I’m Dr. Jennifer Chinn. Here’s some background: I am a second-generation optometrist based in San Diego, California. I have been wearing Transitions lenses for as long as I can remember, probably since the first generation. Even as a kid, when I was teased as ‘four-eyes,’ I proudly wore my Transitions lenses.

I have a great love for the brand. I strongly advocate for it and greatly enjoy showcasing the portfolio to my patients, friends, and followers.

Dr. Darryl Glover:
Camelia, your turn. Could you share details about your background, where you’re from, what you represent, and your role?

Camelia Hammiche:
Indeed, I am currently the District Manager for New Look Eyewear in Montreal and have been an optician for over 12 years.

I’ve spent the past seven years with New Look, during which I’ve also worked with Transitions. I started working with Transitions in 2016. For me, Transitions is not just a product but a lifestyle. Every pair of glasses I own is fitted with Transitions lenses. And as a manager, my role also involves spreading this “Transitions love” amongst my team.

The History and Role of The Transitions Innovation Awards in the Optical Industry

Dr. Darryl Glover:
Moving onto the topic of the Transitions Innovation Awards, Rose, could you help us understand more about the Innovation Awards?

Rose Harris:
Certainly, the Transitions Innovation Awards have a rich history. We started recognizing individuals in the industry as early as 1995, those who were doing exceptional work for their patients or bringing innovation to the industry. However, it was in 2010 that we officially christened these recognitions as the Transitions Innovation Awards.

We continually see our customers, partners, and eye care professionals doing fantastic work and want to acknowledge them. We wanted to showcase them as exemplars to other eye care professionals, to inspire others, and to express our gratitude for their contributions toward exceptional patient care.

Dr. Darryl Glover:
Let’s dive deeper into this. Can anyone from anywhere in the world apply for the Transitions Innovation Awards? How does that process work?

Rose Harris:
Well, in the U.S. and Canada, we have our version of the awards. So, any individuals from these regions can apply for one of the five different awards that we present.

We have the Transitions Healthy Sight Ambassador award, among others, and we also recognize individuals doing exceptional work in training and education. Each year, we recognize one practice from the U.S. and Canada as the best eye care practice.

Other regions have their recognition programs as well. All the winners share the stage at our annual event, the Transitions Academy, where we announce winners and recognitions worldwide.

Personal Experiences and Impactful Moments in the Optical Industry

Dr. Darryl Glover:
Rose, I’m curious. Can you share the most impactful moment you’ve experienced at the Transitions Academy? Every year I attend, there’s a new moment that surpasses the last. So, given your long history with the event, I’d love to hear about the one moment that stood out to you.

Rose Harris:
Well, the keynote speakers are always exceptional, and there are so many memorable ones. We once had a speaker who discussed the concept of a “bucket list,” though his name eludes me at the moment. He encouraged us to think about the things we want to accomplish before we die, and what steps we’re taking to achieve them.

This led me to purchase his book, and it significantly influenced my life decisions. I have followed his advice and started pursuing the things I dream of. Personally, that was a very impactful moment for me. However, I must say the Innovation Awards are what truly excites me.

Seeing individuals like Dr. Chinn and Camelia being recognized, and witnessing their passion for their work – it’s incredibly inspiring. Their achievements uplift us as a company. We walk away from the event feeling reinvigorated by their accomplishments. And knowing them personally, there’s a sense of immense pride.

Becoming Brand Ambassadors and Promoting Transitions Lenses in the Eye Care Industry

Dr. Darryl Glover:
Dr. Chinn and Camelia, I would love to learn more about your journey to becoming the rock stars you are in eye care. Dr. Chinn, could we start with you? Could you tell us about the award you won and perhaps walk us through the process of how you reached that point?

Dr. Jennifer Chinn:
Of course, I was honored with the Brand Ambassador award, now known as the Healthy Sight Ambassador Award. The entire process essentially revolves around identifying a goal. In my case, I wanted to demonstrate that Transitions is more than just an optical brand – it’s a lifestyle choice that can appeal to a young, vibrant demographic.

In my practice, most patients range from 20 to 55 years old. For me, it was crucial to present the brand in a different light to this group. Many were familiar with the product and the technology, but their experience was limited to seeing it on their parents or grandparents.

I wanted to change that perception. I wanted to show them that you can wear Transitions lenses anywhere – at the beach, on a hike, at a wedding, at work, or the gym. It’s a versatile product that provides crucial eye protection. That was one of my main goals.

Utilizing my social media platform was the most effective way to disseminate this information and showcase the versatility of Transitions to a broader audience, including my patients.

Recognition Experiences, Frame Preferences, and Advice for Creating Impact in the Eye Care Industry

Dr. Darryl Glover:
Camelia, it’s your turn now. Could you share with us your award-winning experience? Please walk us through the process. What award did you win, and how was the journey for you?

Camelia Hammiche:
I was honored with the Healthy Sight Ambassador award for 2022. Initially, my motivation to submit for the award was to inspire others. I wanted my colleagues to feel encouraged to support and promote products they truly believe in, knowing they could receive recognition for their efforts.

Applying for the award was straightforward. As Dr. Chinn mentioned, it requires planning and documenting actions throughout the year. If I were to offer advice to someone considering applying, I’d suggest not overlooking any small actions taken during the year to promote the product.

Every effort, no matter how minor it may seem, contributes to the overall objective. It’s about sowing seeds throughout the year to promote the product and encouraging others to do the same. In essence, every action counts, so acknowledge them all, even if they seem insignificant. Consistent promotion and discussion of the product throughout the year is key.

Dr. Darryl Glover:
When you received your award, which frames were you wearing, and what Transition lens technology did you have?

Camelia Hammiche:
As you may recall, I wore a pair of distinctive pink, heart-shaped frames on the day I received the award. Interestingly, the frames are photochromic, changing color in response to sunlight, just like my lenses. I had chosen the Xtractive Gray Polarized lenses to complement my unique frames. The gray lenses paired well with my frames, emphasizing their unique shape and color.

Dr. Jennifer Chinn:
On the day of the award, I was in a white dress suit paired with a pair of white Etnia Barcelona frames that I had styled with the Signature Gen 8 in Emerald lenses. The lenses offer a green tint when activated in the sun, matching well with my white frame and dress. I chose the Emerald tint because I wanted to add a pop of color, and it was my first pair with this specific tint. I loved it.

Dr.Darryl Glover:

I love it. I love it. Again, a fashionista. Question for you, what’s the one word that would describe the feeling you got when you received that award?

Dr.Jennifer Chinn:

Dr.Darryl Glover:
I love it. I love it. Well, ladies, if you could give one last piece of advice when it comes to creating an impact in the eye care industry, especially through the doctor-patient or optician-patient interaction, what advice would you give to all our colleagues out there?

Dr.Jennifer Chinn:
Yeah, this is something I always think about, and I tell people about it all the time. You’re an educator when you’re in healthcare, especially in eye care. So all you’re doing is connecting with the patient, giving them advice and recommendations, and educating them on ways they can improve their lifestyle, visual comfort, and health. They’re coming to you because you’re a specialist in your field, and you know everything that you need to provide for them. So definitely be a resource and provide the correct information.

Camelia Hammiche:
I would say, maybe play with colors. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box by presenting other combinations of frame color and transition color. Also, lead the conversation about frame style during the frame selection process. This opens the conversation at this point, they will know it exists, and then based on the clients’ needs, you can determine what kind of transition they will need.

Are you interested in applying to become a Transitions Innovation Award winner? What are the Transitions Innovation Awards categories?

  • Transitions Healthy Sight Ambassador
  • Canadian Retailer of the Year
  • Best in Training
  • U.S. Retailer of the Year
  • Eyecare Practice of the Year U.S.
  • Eyecare Practice of the Year Canada
  • Channel Partner of the Year

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