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Nuance Audio Smart Glasses: Dynamic Hearing Aid Smart Glasses

Nuance Audio will change how people hear and see the world. Nuance Audio redefines the boundaries between sight and sound, offering a lifeline to those entangled in the silent struggle of mild to moderate hearing loss.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Review

Daniel Alder from Ray-Ban presented the innovative Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. These glasses combine classic style with advanced technology, creating a whole new experience for eyewear.

Eye-Ruler 2: How to Make Measurements Quick and Precise

The Eye-Ruler 2 is a digital measuring device and offer real innovation within the first tier of personalisation. The Eye-Ruler 2 is quick and easy to install.

Envision Your Success with the Transitions Innovation Awards 

Have you heard of the Transitions Innovation Awards? The Transitions Innovation Awards program recognizes and celebrates partners and individual optical industry professionals from Canada and the United States who have shown the highest commitment to innovating their businesses.


In this episode, Dr. Darryl Glover sits down with Dan Alder, VP of Professional Solutions, Marketing, Ray-Ban, to discuss how Ray-Ban continues to create iconic, culturally significant moments to generate brand love from consumers everywhere. 

Dr. Darryl Glover learns more about the Varilux® XR series™ at...

Dr. Darryl Glover sits down with Sherianne James, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Wholesale Marketing at EssilorLuxottica North America, to discuss the latest innovation, the Varilux® XR series™. The Varilux® XR series™ is the first eye-responsive progressive lens for instant sharpness in motion powered by behavioral artificial intelligence.

For the Love of Eyewear: Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses with Transitions®

Are you familiar with the latest in wearable technology? Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones who love to be...

Press Release: VARILUX® XR SERIES™

EssilorLuxottica’s scientists have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and combined it with their unmatched understanding of consumer lifestyles to create the best overall progressive lens*: Varilux® XR series™.

What is the Future of Optometry in Canada? Rick Gadd Shares...

What is the future of eye care in Canada? Dr. Harbir Sian discusses With Rick Gadd the role EssilorLuxottica plays in shaping the future of eye care in Canada. Rick Gadd serves as the President, EssilorLuxottica Canada and Essilor Instruments North America.

Press Release: EssilorLuxottica NA Wholesale Elevates Sales Leadership to Serve Independent Optical...

New York, NY (September 13, 2022) – In order to continue growing its support for Independent ECPs while leveraging the combined resources of the...