Eye-Ruler 2: How to Make Measurements Quick and Precise

Darryl Glover sits down with Jeff Harrell, Vice President of Products at EssilorLuxottica, to unveil the groundbreaking Eye-Ruler 2. Get ready to dive into the world of personal measurements and discover how this digital measuring device is set to redefine precision and convenience.

In a world where accuracy and speed matter more than ever, the Eye-Ruler 2 promises to be a game-changer. Jeff Harrell walks us through the exciting features and capabilities of this cutting-edge innovation, designed to take measurements quickly and accurately, all while delivering a personalized experience like never before.

In Partnership with EssilorLuxottica

Dr. Darryl Glover, Defocus Media, and Mr. Jeff Harrell, EssilorLuxottica

Dr. Darryl Glover:

Welcome to another Defocus Media production. Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Darryl Glover, your favorite optometrist, back with another episode. I’m joined by a recurring guest whom I deeply respect and enjoy chatting with. Hey Jeff, how’s it going?

Jeff Harrell:

Hey, Dr. Glover! I’m just thrilled to be in Las Vegas again.

Dr. Darryl Glover:

Always a pleasure to see you. And I must say, you’re looking sharp as always. Every time I see you, I’m filled with excitement. We always dive deep into the latest tech updates, don’t we?

Jeff Harrell:

Absolutely. Our conversations are always about the cutting-edge advancements in our field.

Dr. Darryl Glover:

Today, we’re delving into a groundbreaking topic, one that will redefine how practices function, especially in terms of precision and offering our patients the best eyewear experience. So, what are we discussing today?

What is the Eye Ruler 2?

Jeff Harrell:

Today, our focus is on the Eye-Ruler 2, a new device from EssilorLuxottica and distributed by our Essilor Instruments division. It’s a revolutionary tool for any patient walking into the practice, not just with the new Varilux XR track. It elevates their in-store experience and gives them confidence that we’re truly investing time and effort to ensure the best eyewear measurements. The Eye-Ruler 2 package includes a camera, the iPad with the software, and then the clip that houses the sensors.

Here’s how it works: once the patient has chosen their frame, you attach the clip. It’s robust and straightforward. You center it, adjust as needed, and you’re ready. Dr. Glover, I’m unsure if this is your style, but let’s try it.

Dr. Darryl Glover:

Let’s see! How do they look on me?

What Measurements are Made with Eye-Ruler 2?

Jeff Harrell:

I’m going to quickly input the patient details here and create a new client profile. Now, the real advantage of the Eye-Ruler 2 is that with a couple of pictures, it provides all the measurements you might need: Mono PD, fitting height, box measurements, frame wrap, panto, and so on. Let me show you.

See, the brilliance of this device is that it guides me perfectly on where the patient needs to focus. Dr. Glover, look right here at my camera. You can see the corneal reflections perfectly.

What’s even more impressive is the device’s ability to instruct the exact positioning in front of the patient. Just follow my lead, Dr. Glover. Perfect, thanks to the Eye-Ruler 2. We’ve captured the corneal reflections clearly despite the challenging lighting conditions here.

As you can see, all it requires is aligning the frame. It’s intuitive; I’ve been through this process multiple times, but trust me, the learning curve is short. We aim for efficiency, ensuring this doesn’t consume too much of your valuable time with patients.

Now, let’s select the frame type – metal in this case. And voila! All the necessary measurements are right here.

The next feature is exclusive to the Varilux XR track. We’ve discussed the Varilux XR series before, highlighting the vast data we’ve accumulated to create a predictive model. This data aids in understanding how patients use their eyes and ensures instantaneous sharp vision by accounting for natural eye movements. With the Varilux XR Track, we take it further by measuring the patient’s actual behavior in the practice.

Here, Dr. Glover, observe this: we have one main blue ball amongst several grey ones. With this singular task, we capture four essential measurements. Firstly, the reading distance which identifies how far a patient holds the reading material from their glasses. Next is the downward gaze, which is pivotal for understanding reading habits. Thirdly, the lateral offset – though we can predict many visual behaviors, determining whether a patient is left or right-handed is still beyond us. Lastly, we track whether the patient moves their head or eyes more as they follow the blue ball.

When you’re ready, Dr. Glover, tap on that blue ball and follow its movement. See how the ball’s trajectory changes based on your gaze and the sensor’s feedback. It’s fascinating.

Dr. Darryl Glover:

It’s impressive how you’ve gamified this entire process.

Jeff Harrell:

Precisely! The purposeful design offers a pseudo-reading task without letters or numbers, making it user-friendly. It’s crafted to allow even patients with Plano lenses or without their corrective lenses (up to a prescription of plus seven and a half diopters) to participate effectively. Discussing advancements in our field and understanding their tangible benefits to the patients is always enlightening.

Enhance the Patient Experience with Eye-Ruler 2

Dr. Darryl Glover:

Absolutely, Jeff. The main objective is always to enhance the patient experience. With tools like the Eye-Ruler2, we’re not only leveraging technology to improve precision but also providing a more seamless experience. The fact that patients can see how tailored the process is to their unique needs is invaluable. It’s not just about selling a pair of glasses; it’s about creating value and showcasing the expertise behind it.

Jeff Harrell:

I couldn’t agree more. The balance between lens technology and precise measurement technology is what makes for the perfect pair of glasses. And you’re right about the distancing factor, especially post-COVID. We need tools that respect patients’ personal space while providing top-notch results.

Dr. Darryl Glover:

Yes, it’s crucial to have that balance. The more we can provide a touchless, precise experience, the more patients will feel comfortable and trust the process. It also fosters a sense of confidence among eyewear consultants and opticians. We need to progress with the times and address new challenges, and the Eye-Ruler2 does just that.

Jeff Harrell:

Exactly. In the age of technology, using a ruler and pen feels archaic. We want to provide an experience that aligns with modern-day expectations. It’s about ensuring patients get the most precise and tailored eyewear possible.

Dr. Darryl Glover:

And technology that’s intuitive and familiar to patients will always be a win. Jeff, thanks for the demonstration and insights. It’s always a pleasure.

Jeff Harrell:

Thank you, Dr. Glover. It’s always a treat to chat with you.

Dr. Darryl Glover:

Take care, everyone. Remember to stay positive, healthy, and blessed. Until next time!

Eye-Ruler 2 Digital Measurements on iPad

Measurements Made Easy with the Most Compact Measurement Device

  • Quick and easy to install | Ultra-light | Easy-to-use
  • Latest embedded technologies: Bluetooth low-energy
  • The device included with one frame clip
  • Sold complete with an iPad only
  • Note: Eye-ruler 2 integrates a direct link with VisionWeb (from October 2023).
  • Eye-Ruler 2 currently does not integrate with other practice management systems.

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