The MAXimum Return on Presbyopia

Drs. Melody Tavakoli, Harbir Sian, and Danielle Richardson

­čĹÇ In Partnership with Johnson and Johnson Vision ­čĹÇ

What is presbyopia? According to the American Optometric Association, “presbyopia is a vision condition in which the shape of the crystalline lens of your eye changes. These changes make it difficult to focus on close objects.”

Are you aware that 41% of contact lens wearers are 40 plus? Roughly 94% of those contact lens wearers expect to continue in contact lenses. Are you aware that over half of those contact lens wears will drop out of contact lenses? Presbyopia has presented a challenge for eye care professionals.

How do you get the MAXimum return on Presbyopia? Dr. Harbir Sian sits down with Drs. Danielle Richardson and Melody Tavakoli to discuss presbyopia. All three experts share their knowledge and presbyopic contact lens cases to overcome challenges fitting multifocal contact lens patients.

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