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EssilorLuxottica 360

“We’re super happy about supporting the independent practice of optometry, and we’ve been putting a lot of thought into what can we do to support you with the merger of Essilor and Luxottica,” Jonathan Smith explains at the top of our show when asked about the merger of Essilor and Luxottica that was first announced in January, 2017. Jonathan  serves as the Director of Training  Luxottica North America. “EssilorLuxottica 360 is a program that brings together the best of advanced lens technologies, patient preferred eyewear brands, and vision benefits company all built into one practice management program designed to give you a home run opportunity for business growth.” 

Practices that participate in this program can see benefits like a 3x increase in patient traffic, 5x faster* lens growth than the market, and upwards of 16-33%* more profit per frame than the market average. And did we mention that it’s free to sign up? 

To enroll in the program, you will first need to join Essilor Experts with it’s extensive practice management and staff training catalog of over 400 courses available to help grow your practice. You’ll then get access to apply for EssilorLuxottica360 which pairs together with the Essilor Experts program to deliver a powerful suite of tools on both the frame and lens technology side of optical management.

The EssilorLuxottica 360 Program focuses on three core areas to expand the business of independent practices.

1. Driving Patients to the Practice

Eyemed will be one of the key drivers of patient traffic to offices participating in the EssilorLuxottica 360 Program. All members will have access to the Eyemed Plus Provider program*, a new program that gives practices higher listing visibility on the Eyemed locator search tool, and gives patients better benefits when they schedule a comprehensive eye exam or purchase eyewear from your practice. For example, patients would have a $0 copay on their exams at your practice, and would receive an additional $50 in frame benefit allowance to use at your office over competitors.

2. Enhancing the Patient Experience

How can you truly set your optical practice apart? Incorporating technology to change the shopping experience in your office and give patients access to customizable options as well as a complete inventory of choices is at the core of the EssilorLuxottica 360 Program.  Digital tools will continue to play an important role in driving traffic and creating a better patient experience. A true game changer in the optical industry is Smartshopper, a complete digital catalogue of Luxottica brand frames available for patients to browse within your office. Most independent optical practices only have board space for around 1,000 frames, but with Smartshopper your optical practice now has every single SKU,  color and brand available from the manufacturer. Gone would be the days of ordering a frame or a color you don’t have for the patient to try on. Using the Smartshopper tool on a tablet or other device in your office, the patient can scan the QR code with their own phone to virtually try on the frame and take photos to share with others. “Think about the new reality of extending your board space to an unlimited number of frames,” Smith says. Ray-Ban for example, has over 3,000 SKU’s, and it would take a museum, much less an independent optical practice, to be able to hold them all. Now you can provide instant gratification to your patients by allowing them to see any frame they want – no need for patients to shop around or order something in and come back later to see if they like it. And any eyewear ordered through Smartshopper comes to the patient in three days. Yep, you read that right.

3. Maximize Profitability

In 2020, we believe using analytics to run your practice is mandatory. The EssilorLuxottica 360 Program will provide dashboards to help track and measure many of the fundamental and critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) like capture rate, turn rate and demographic information to help your practice succeed. All of these will help you make daily decisions on refining your inventory and ultimately providing the patient with a better curated selection of frame styles and colors that meet their needs. 

EssilorLuxottica 360 is a mutual program – there’s no cost to the program; no membership fee.  Practices that participate will have a one year commitment goal which the program is designed to help you achieve. There is a quarterly rebate structure on frame sales where you can earn up to 3% back*. This is combinable with all other rebates and promotions you may already be participating in. Members will also get access to 60 day dating on new frame purchases. “In fact, if you go all in on this program, you could be getting up to 31% better support for your bottom line per frame,” Smith explains. 

*Data from Essilor Experts

If you are interested in learning more, head to https://essilorpro.com/programs-services/essilorluxottica360/

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