Optometry Podcast: Top 10 Eye Care Podcasts in 2022

2022 was an incredible year in eye care! Defocus Media had the opportunity to partner with fantastic organizations, interview impactful eye care professionals, and create value for the eye care industry. We discussed topics ranging from dry eye, myopia management, optometric practice management, the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, eyewear and contact lens technology, and more. On behalf of the Defocus Media Network, we would like to thank you for your support.

Drs. Jennifer Lyerly and Darryl Glover are co-founders.

What is the Defocus Media Optometry Podcast?

The Defocus Media Optometry Podcast Network features new leaders and innovators in the eye care world each week, inspiring young doctors to think outside the confines of traditional optometry, explore new products and learn about new niche practice opportunities.

Top Optometry Podcasts of 2022

Below are the most downloads and top optometry podcasts of 2022. Which optometry podcast was your favorite?

A 2017 study showed a new wearer dropout rate of 26%, and of those 50% drop out in the first 2 months! So what can we do?! Our expert guests on this live stream panel include Dr. Danielle Richardson of Zak Eyes and Fierce Clarity, Dr. Luis Rojas of DeNovo Eye, and Dr. Kurt Moody,  Director of North American Professional Education at Johnson and Johnson Vision. 

What is the Metaverse? Are you a part of the metaverse? How does the Metaverse work? Charlene Nichols breaks down the Optical Metaverse.

Dr. Ken Lawenda shares his journey in eye care, the importance of being active in a legislative profession, disruption in eye care, and more.

Dr. Masoud Nafey shares his company, Monokül. Monokül is the first-ever virtual optical store in the metaverse, bridging the physical and virtual retail experience. Monokül is redefining how we measure vision. Leveraging state-of-the-art science and technology, Monokül is pioneering a new era in performance. 

When we prescribe a contact lens and our patient returns stating that they are unhappy with the performance, we often ask them to categorize their complaints into two buckets: vision or comfort. When a patient comes in and says that their eyes are uncomfortable at the end of the day with their contact lenses, we often think that must mean the lens is dry. But discomfort to a patient can be as driven by eye strain due to a vision clarity issue as dryness or lens awareness. In this podcast episode, we discuss deciphering the patient contact lens experience with Dr. Erin Rueff, Chief of the Cornea and Contact Lens department at the Marshall B. Ketchum University Eye Center. 

Which artificial tear should I use? Drs. Jaclyn Garlich, Darryl Glover, and Jennifer Lyerly unlock the science of artificial tears and how to match the correct type of tear ingredients to the right patient symptoms.

Dr. Darryl Glover and Ric Peralta, Optician, discuss how to take your optical to the next level. Learn about the importance of relationships, speaking the same language, and more.

Dr. Essence Johnson shares her optometric journey. Dr. Johnson serves as the Chief Visionary Officer at Black EyeCare Perspective. Dr. Johnson has committed to redefining the color of the eye care industry 1% at a time.

Ob Malope sits down with Dr. Darryl Glover. The Dynamic duo discusses the journey to becoming a global optometrist. Learn how Ob has impacted globally through books, speaking engagements, and being a leader.

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