Optometry Podcast: Dr. Darryl Glover Talks Digital Ads with Sherriane James

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Join us virtually LIVE from Vision Expo East from the first-ever EssilorLuxottica booth with Sherianne James, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Customer Engagement at Essilor. “It’s just so good to be back!” James states about the atmosphere at Vision Expo East. “It’s so good to see each other, to interact, and to be here and exchange ideas. That energy has been palpable.” At EssilorLuxottica, James explains that they understood the importance of having a physical presence at VEE to help push the restart button on eyecare and ensure the industry is getting back to full capacity.

Things were busy at the EssilorLuxottica booth during VEE. “We’re helping the industry see the power of partnering with EssilorLuxottica,” James states with the booth experience featuring a focus on the EssilorLuxottica360 program for independent practitioners to partner with the brand. Varilux progressive is also a prime focus for 2020. “We know that that this category is woefully underdeveloped. We still only have about half of US presbyopes wearing a presbyopic correction. We know there is significant opportunity for growth if we invest in it.” EssilorLuxottica is spending the most ever this year on a progressive lens campaign, focused on digital media to drive a significant behavior change in our patients. If patients know about lens technology, then they will go to their local eyecare providers seeking these solutions, and that’s why these campaigns are so essential.

Across the United States, EssilorLuxottica has created digital “out of home” ads to help engage with potential patients about the importance of seeing their eye doctor. This type of campaign is above and beyond simple social media posts, actually leveraging the geolocation tracking operating in the background of our cellphones. Physical ads will be placed in major thoroughfares like airports, and with geolocation tracking, anyone who has been in a location to have seen a physical advertisement will then be tracked for ads to be served in their social media feeds that reinforce the conversation. Streaming television services similarly allow geotargeting capabilities. When patients see television ads, their location will be tracked and the ad will direct the patient to schedule an appointment with a practitioner in their local area. “With your remote, you can click right there and then go to an online appointment scheduler,” James explains. Online appointment scheduling services like EssilorLuxottica’s SmartBook allow for 24/7 accessible online appointment scheduling. Data shows 30% of eyecare appointments are booked online, and 35% of online bookings are made after hours.

James also shares the new “Varilux Challenge ” – a 30 day program where practitioners make Varilux their progressive of choice and then share their experience. “We want practitioners to see [the benefits] for themselves — to see the delight in their patients. When you give good quality eyecare and eyewear to a patient, we don’t get credit, the doctor does and that’s what we want to happen.” You can sign up to participate in the Varilux Challenge by heading here: https://www.essilorpro.com/resources/varilux

“We know that as the industry continues to recover, and as there are more and more options for eyecare showing up on social media, there is a lot of competition for those patients. That’s why we’re so committed to shaping patient traffic, and we want to do that for more practitioners so we encourage you to be an EssilorExpert and an EssilorLuxottica360 practice so you can benefit from this partnership.” 

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